Email Marketing Success is in the Details

It is no secret why email marketing is here to stay (78% of end users have made a purchase as a result of an email). What does remain mysterious, however, is how to execute effective email campaigns that break through all of the “clutter” being sent today.

Unfortunately for many email marketers, the task of emailing seems all too easy, and relatively inexpensive. For this reason, very little thought is put into planning the details of their campaign. And, one thing we all know for sure is that the devil is in the details GoDaddy email login.

I know. This is a no-brainer. But is it? How many of you have received emails that have nothing to do with your life or needs? You wonder, why did they send this to me? Your email campaign will be exponentially more successful if you are sure that your list is the correct target market for what you’re promoting. Furthermore, you will prevent list fatigue if you segment your list and run more targeted campaigns to each segment, rather than the same offer to your complete list. For example, consider offers relevant to your customers only, hot leads in the pipeline, prospects who have engaged you in some way, suspects who are on your list, but have shown no activity, etc.

The best way to ensure your email will be read and your reader will respond is to include value-added content in virtually every email promotion. In fact, every company should have an email newsletter (even if it’s quick tips or a single article) they send out each month. Then re-use this content in all other promotional email campaigns. Giving your email recipients information they can use will build credibility around your company and its email efforts, ultimately improving your email campaign results.

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