How To Buy A Buy Jeans Products On A Shoestring Budget

Has made a success with the operation of 700 plants in 60 countries. Levi’s has continuously suited the taste of the buyers by making 200 different styles of blue jeans alone. This success was even magnified with the increased in the company’s market value. The increased has grown to105 times from the period 1984 to 1997 which was almost as much as computer-software giant Microsoft. San Francisco-based Levi Strauss’s achievement has made them the world’s largest clothing manufacturer with annual sales worth $7 billion. The reported annual sale accounts for the 71% jeans or jeans-related items sold. It was also said to allocated $300 million for its annual publicity in the US and $200 million outside as stated in one of Jeans manufacturer the articles of the New Internationalist magazine. The above figures are already an indication that jeans have been widely accepted and loved by almost everyone. It also merely points out that selling jeans have been a continuous success in the market. 6. Levi’s share of the US jeans market dropped from 48% (1990) to 26% (1997) losing the 27% share to the VF Corporation (Lee, Wrangler and Riders labels). A 10% share was taken by upscale designer labels. This is even good news to sellers as more and more options is provided for the buyers. With all the statistics mentioned above, you will sure wonder how you can sell one with the very competitive market. Another interesting fact that was not mentioned above is that of Salehoo. What is the connection? Before I connect the dots, let me first give you an insider on Salehoo. It is a popular website directory that helps and guides sellers or retailers on becoming a successful online retailer. The site has more than 150 product categories that are regularly updated. They are providing excellent customer service and are an authorized member of various regulatory bodies including Fair Trade Authority (FTA) and Better Internet Bureau. So what again is the connection of Salehoo and jeans? Simple! You can start selling jeans by getting Salehoo as your partner. Salehoo will give you access to their database of wholesale jean supplier and legitimate drop shippers. They have made online business easy for you. Drop shipping can really be sometimes a scary thing. That is if you will manually look for a drop shipper that you can really depend on. With Salehoo, you know you have something to rely on for they ensure that they only get the best and trustworthy suppliers, wholesale distributors and drop shippers. In order to make money in business online, one of the core factors determining this would be the strength of your supply chain. Compare the Top 3 Wholesale Directory [] online. Salehoo, the only Approved Wholesale directory with 100% verified Wholesale Suppliers.

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