Information on Healthy Eating – Fasting and Weight Loss

If you are dieting to lose weight you may be overwhelmed and baffled by the plethora of information on healthy eating that is available to you. Experts everywhere are advising you to go low carb, high protein, juice your food or fast to lose weight. Which information on healthy eating do you listen to? Let’s look at some of the information on healthy eating and how it applies to your diet or weight loss program.

Fasting or Meal Replacement Bauchfett verlieren

This is a valid weight loss option according to information on healthy eating if you don’t abuse it. There are many meal replacement shakes, bars and powders you can use to fast one to two meals per day and lose weight. Remember that your body needs calories to fuel activity, and if you are also working out to lose weight, you cannot afford to fast completely. Information on healthy eating recommends you replace any of the meals you skip with adequate calories and nutrition to keep your body going. If you experience weakness or feelings of fatigue, it might mean you are becoming malnourished through lack of nutrients. Take care to get the calories you need.

Fasting and Juicing

Information on healthy eating recommends juicing as a healthy alternative to fasting or skipping meals. You can juice enough fruits and vegetables to maintain the calories and nutrients you need to stay healthy and still lose weight. Adding a protein powder, soy or wheat germ can also help you to get additional protein that your body requires. Juicing has become a popular diet option in recent years, and has produced some excellent short term results. The challenge is to keep the weight off once you go back to consuming solid foods. Consult information on healthy eating to help you make this transition.

Fasting and “Starvation Mode”

If you choose to skip meals and fast completely you can be sending your body the wrong message. Information on healthy eating addresses something called “starvation mode”. This is the state that your body can revert to when too many calories are lacking or if you skip too many meals. Your body can turn on itself and begin to use muscle tissue for fuel and hold on to body fat. This is the opposite result from what you are trying for, so use caution when skipping meals or fasting. Remember, you need to feed your body to fuel the burning of calories which results in weight loss. Starving your body has the opposite effect.

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