Is CPAP the Best Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment?

These are some facts and statistics about treating obstructive sleep apnea with CPAP’s:The majority of people prescribed with a CPAP don’t use it regularly bipap machine.Even in successful CPAP cases, 4.5 to 5 hours are the average time patients have every night not 7 to 8 hours as recommended.Only 23-45% people who have the machine like to use it.As you can see, we don’t have many successful stories here. But it’s also true that people who can tolerate the machine have improved their conditions notably!And it’s not based solely on opinions and advices.

The main reason that causes your current condition is your airway gets blocked while you’re sleeping. Things that block your airway include soft tissues and lax muscle inside your throat. And the CPAP machine is designed to open up your airway by providing enough pressure each time you breathe no matter what causes your sleep apnea.

Now you might have a question. If it’s that wonderful, why it has only a little fan base?There are many reasons that can answer that question. Here are some: The first thing that people don’t like about CPAP’s is they are uncomfortable. Not all people can go to sleep with a mask on their face. And most of them find the mask is off their face when they wake up.

Another reason is CPAP mask causes facial skin problems with people who have sensitive skins. And it really is a huge “annoying” thing to people who breathe solely through their mouths (nasal blockage)! Especially when they exhale.Other unwanted side effects include sore throat, cold nose, dry mouth, etc. So, by now you might know the answer for the question we have earlier. CPAP is a useful obstructive sleep apnea treatment if you can tolerate it. It’s NOT the best solution for anyone.

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