Luxurious Liberal Life, the Best Thing Going

I appreciate life! I can’t remember a time when I was not completely enthralled with the inexplicable mysteries associated. I honor, revere, and excitedly embrace the hours in every day. Every single event, occurrence, situation, relationship, career experience, educational tool and multi-flavored intricately diverse communicative connection I’ve been able to share. No matter whether these various experiences were labeled good, bad, or indifferent, I have, no doubt, been fully vested in each one of them. I am passionate about living! Without the ups and downs, the seemingly impossible scenarios, the misguided, misinformed, misunderstood, and mistaken episodes, what would we be?

The fact is: we are so identified with what has happened to us or, more importantly, what we imagine to have caused to happen, including the intimate relationships we’ve engaged in, that without the backdrop of ‘experimenting’ every aspect of the unending emotional drama, (including the guilt, remorse, regret, responsibility, blame and/or praise) our lives would be pretty much bland and meaningless I am certainly acutely aware that not all of life can be filled with robust avenues of exuberant creative positive expression. Nor, is there one among us who is without guile, greed, pettiness, while possessing an inexorable desire for benefit, gain in some chosen arena of supposed expertise. And, moreover, at times, must (endure) ‘suffer through’ intolerable misfortune, incalculable pain, heartbreaking relationships and unmitigated disappointment-having to wait for things that may or may not appear. But, nonetheless, life, in all of its inexpressible complexities is the best thing going.

Do you appreciate your life? Or do you continually bemoan the circumstances which have brought you thus far? Do you hold onto grudges, constantly berate your partner, blame another for past so-called ‘wrong-doings’? How much of your time is spent ‘whining and pining’ over what has been, might have been, should have been or {emphasized case in point} should NOT have been? Has it ever once occurred to you that the words you choose to voice (repeat) indelibly imprint your personality with an ungrateful ignorance which so easily besets you at every turn? It’s sort of like a minute dose of arsenic poisoning added to the food you eat every day. It may take a while but eventually it will destroy your body, mind, along with the vibrant artistic sacred sensuality your innately possess. And, pray tell me, who doesn’t want to be vibrantly sexually attractive? Whatever approach you decide to use while alive, will inevitably envelope the essence of who you are.

The undeniable truth is: Life is simply not going to cater to your capricious whims and demanding cries of unfair treatment. Life is no respecter of persons nor interested, inclined or invested in your personal menu of desired events. It is impervious to your selfishly motivated demands! Although my life has not been been long, just 58 years on this planet, like you, have experienced many things that have caused me to stop and think what it really means to be here. I have contemplated, long and hard, on precisely how beautifully orchestrated the fragmented pieces have woven themselves into a masterpiece of extraordinary existence.

Many people may take life for granted but I never have, for whatever reason that may be. I have been afforded the opportunity to see through the surface of things into the ‘bare’ necessities associated. Does that make me different from any of you? Absolutely not. We are all in this thing together. We are all involved in the plots, themes, and cosmically selected universal stories we need to intertwine ourselves into. The bottom line: it’s simply not personal. No doubt, it feels personal. It feels, at times, as if we’ve been singled out for ‘more than our share’ of life’s debilitating unfortunate affairs, but that’s only because we can’t see the ‘whole’ picture at the time it’s occurring. “Things are the way they are supposed to be for reasons we can’t see.”

If at any time, you think you KNOW the reason you are doing something, cease immediately. That particular reason IS the last motive for the situation to be taking place. Life is continuously filled with magnificent ‘wild and chaotic’ splendor. Filled to the brim and overflowing with unsuspecting surprises of glorious grand development of hidden brilliance. You have just begun to tap into (live) when you release the idea of ‘changing any of the existing circumstances’ of your present abode. Cease with the struggling, eliminate the worrying, fretting, resisting, arguing and belligerent berating of unpleasant conditions. The gift of your most preciously ordained advantage (talent) is procured among these obscure ramblings. “Be where your feet are.” How could you possibly be anywhere else, except dead, perhaps? You are alive; remember? Celebrate YOU in life unbounded!

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