Mom Bloggers – They Are Great!

Have you noticed the growing ranks of mom bloggers? It seems there are mom blogs popping up all over. Now this isn’t a bad thing. Quite the opposite – these mom blogs are one of the greatest things to happen to the internet in a long time!

Why are they so great? Well, think about it. Mom’s have their finger on the pulse of so many things. They know what products are hot for kids and families. They are notorious bargain shoppers. They are great cooks on shoestring budgets. And a lot of them a very crafty!

So, what does all this mean for people who surf the internet? Moms like to share good news with their family and friends and blogging has made it simpler to do that. If they find a great deal, they will blog about it and post a link so everyone can get in on the savings. When moms find a great toy that their kids love, they let people know. All of these things are great news for the rest of us.

Press release distribution simply isn’t what it used to be Sherry Dyson. Many smaller companies insist press releases are not for them. They say they ‘don’t have enough news’ or believe no one cares about the news they do have. These are popular misconceptions, but the truth is every business could benefit from creating press releases.

First, learn how to find your organization’s news in this article. And remember, now is a better time than ever to issue press releases – when it comes to distribution options there are many more fish in the sea.

So once you have your press release, where do you send it? Traditionally companies pass it along to local and national news media, but that alone won’t get you very far. Instead, give these more targeted distribution strategies a try. Each will make your release the big fish in a small pond and increase your chances of gaining important free publicity for your business

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