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Jay Welham will exchange his warm, comfortable bed in the Lawford Dale farmhouse for an uncomfortable cold floor inside the crumbling Chelmsford Cathedral later this November. The 20-year-old Essex County Council care worker will join fellow social worker Luke Goldie McKinley, of New Town, in a bid to raise funds for homeless charity Chelmsford chess. It is hoped that hundreds of people, many of them church goers, will attend the cathedral when the homeless charity displays their efforts at a fundraising gig. Other areas of the county also hoping to benefit from the publicity are Stratford-upon-Avon and Bletchley. A number of councils are also reported to be planning similar charity walks in order to raise funds.

homeless charity chelmsford


There are many reasons why some people choose to donate money to help a homeless charity. Some do it out of a genuine desire to help. Others do it as a matter of duty to their community. Still others simply can not stomach the thought of leaving someone in misery. Whatever the motivation, people seem willing to put their money where their mouth is.


One homeless charity in Chelmsford which is receiving a considerable amount of money is the St. Bride’s Children’s Hospitals Foundation. According to its web site, it provides two services to the children in need, pediatric surgery and special needs nursing. Both require experienced personnel. So when police officers from all around Chelmsford and its nearby communities pick up a case of a needy child, they are looking for someone with both the necessary skills and qualities. This is why police officers throughout the area are being asked to take part in a fundraising drive for St. Bride’s.


The money raised from this will go towards the cost of transporting an elderly person from his or her home to a hospital in London. Then there will be treatment for that person. Once there, the person will usually need to stay at a hospital in London until he or she can be safely transferred to an assisted living facility. And finally, the charity wants the proceeds of the fundraiser to go towards funding short-term disability benefits for those in need.


Now another homeless charity in Chelmsford is raising money to help those in need. This time, it is a food bank. Manager Leeanna O’Rourke tells local paper, the group’s current needs include food assistance, clothing, toiletries and hygiene products. Because so many of those who live on the streets of Chelmsford are in great need of these necessities, this could be the kind of help that can bring the organization some much needed funds. With so many people on the streets of London are relying on food banks to put food on their tables, money is a very real necessity.


But this isn’t the only homeless charity in Chelmsford making use of the money it raises. Faith-based charities rely on donations of time and money as well. Senior Citizens Charity hopes to raise enough money to help pay for a senior home in Cobh and even for other activities such as walks and outings. While it may not seem like a lot of money, thousands of pounds can change hands just through one small donation. Sometimes just a few cans of food, water or other items can make a world of difference.


Another homeless charity in Chelmsford is collecting money to help people in need. This time, the money will go towards an aftercare program for those who have been through the trauma of losing a family member to drug or alcohol abuse. It can also help those struggling with addiction to deal with the cravings once they are sober. While it may not seem like much money, it can be the support someone needs to get back on their feet.


There are many more homeless charity programs than can be mentioned here. Some require volunteers to help prepare the meals, clean up the office and so much more. But with a little money in the bag, no matter how difficult things may seem, someone can take advantage of what the charity has to offer. It doesn’t have to be large amounts either. Even a few pounds can mean a lot to some people.

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