Take a Byte Out Of Time

In the world of business, the old saw, “Time is money,” may be more accurate now than ever before in the history of commerce. Corporations and companies are constantly looking for ways to increase profits while reducing time – production time, shipping time, construction time, development time – anywhere a company can reduce the amount of time it takes to perform a task, it is increasing its profit potential. And in today’s global economy, every second counts.

In the office environment, we are continually moving toward a “paperless” environment. More and more, we are turning to computers, their capabilities, and the World Wide Web to literally get the word out. Meetings and collaborations between entities around the world can now occur in real time by way of computers, satellites and cameras. Reports, studies or proposals can now be completely written on a computer (including inserting graphics and images), and sent to a receiving party by pressing buy digibyte a button on our computers that transmit an entire body of work via fax or email, entirely eliminating the need to print, collate and compile a physical document. Files can be sent between workers without a single piece of paper ever being stuffed in a file folder, placed in a manila envelope, sent by courier, or hitting a desk surface. The money and time technology saves us is extremely valuable, and some would say priceless.

However, there is always room for improvement, and the search for more powerful, more efficient, less expensive methodologies is ongoing. Software development for computer applications that save storage space while eliminating data loss, reduce transmission time and increase security of vital information is a huge industry. The power of the visual presentation is still king in our information society, so creating presentations for a multitude of purposes is a fact of life in the world of commerce. Because of the immense amount of data contained within a presentation created using an application like PowerPoint®, storage space requirements and transmission times can become unmanageable.

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