Three Wheel Scooters

These nifty little 3 wheel scooters have become increasingly popular for the kids and are a really great way of getting them to and from school. Having the ability to ride a scooter whether it’s a two wheel one or a three wheel scooters makes no odds as it’s the fact that the child is learning coordination and balance. Start them off on a three wheel scooter and soon they will be progressing to the two wheels of scooter, bike, skateboards, roller blades, take your pick.

Balance and coordination aside there is also the factor of your children being outside, enjoying the fresh air and fun of being with their friends and learning new tricks. There are many push scooters and kick scooters on the market but a couple that stand out are the Maxi Push Scooter which uses a unique lean and steer mechanism in its stem and has two wheels on the front and the third at the meepo wheels rear. The Maxi scooter has one a few prestigious awards that stand it in good stead for parents that want the best for their children.

Razor scooters make some really decent scooters and have quite an outstanding range of kid’s scooters. Not only does Razor have push, kids, kick, but also electric scooters and heavier weight scooters for older kids.

If you want to buy scooters then there are many places on the internet that supply a huge range of scooters and scooter parts, and scooter apparel.

Scooters are easy to keep in good working order and even to fix if needed. But remember to get the kiddies some protection for their heads, there is a great range of scooter helmets otherwise known as multi sport helmets that meet regulations and look pretty great also. Having a good looking helmet is important in making sure your kids actually wear them.

A scooter will make a really great Christmas present for the children so they can have lots of fun and get out and about. And if you’re looking for some ideas for stockings fillers for Christmas then have a look at the Schylling Skitterbots. These are ‘the fastest legged robotics’ and can be raced, battle or simply left to discover there surroundings.

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