Use a Procurement Engineer to Design and Build Your Procurement Solution

If you are considering dumping the tired old paper based purchasing process and jumping into the 21st century, you need to find a company with competent project manager to design and build your procurement solution.

Delivering a viable alternative to the 4 part form requires a solid understanding of the process and impacts of business decisions to configure the tool appropriately. During a standard implementation, the customer needs to make decisions based on the functionality and features within the solution and having the right procurement engineer can make all the difference.

Of course, using out of the box functionality is always encouraged to ensure deliverables can meet expected timelines, but there are times when the tools do not align perfectly with customer requirements. It is important for the engineer to understand the requirements and help develop a custom project plan to deliver new functionality when the customer requires it.

The goal of the engineer is to help the customer re-evaluate their business processes rather than trying to “Pave the Cowpath”; a term used when the customer is trying to make the technology fit the broken process rather than change the procedures to leverage functionality of the tool.

Many clients have been taken from kickoff to becoming transactional within 6-8 weeks because the client is willing to change the business processes, allowing the project to flow smoothly.

To be able to do this the engineer has to exhibit the following:

Advanced project disciplines
Strong communication skills
Ability to manage expectations
Highly developed industry knowledge
In summary, to adequately design and build your procurement solution, you need an expert who knows the business and the competence to guide the client to functionality that already exists within the tool. If the client can adapt and modify their processes, the tool can support the new procurement process very effectively and be delivered in a relatively short period of time. It does not matter whether you are in City/State or County Government, we can deliver a successful procurement solution regardless of size and geography.

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