What Causes Dog Anxiety and How is It Expressed?

Dog anxiety is essentially the dog being uncomfortable with their position, perceived position or even perceived future position. It can be the root cause of some of the types of behaviours that you find incredibly unappealing, examples being biting, barking, growling and whining. But there do exist easy solutions if you’re willing to be patient, and the first step to solving them necessarily involves identifying the actual causes of the dog anxiety. I’ll present some of the leading causes of dog anxiety in the following article, which should give some insight as to how to counteract the behaviours your dog expresses as a result.

Essentially then dog anxiety can be expressed or channelled through any way in which the dog is able to communicate with you. That means the barking, biting, growing and whining can all indeed by symptoms of it. But they can also be symptoms of some other underlying 寵物移民公司factor, and this is where being a respomnsible and patient dog owner comes in. To identify what causes it, you’ve really got to observe your don and ultimately question the reasons behind their actions.

One of the main causes of dog anxiety is constant changes in a dogs routine. Dogs like routine and knowing what to expect from a day, so when you change this they become anxious and temperamental. This is easily solved though; simply set a routine that you know you can stick to day in day out. This may mean cutting back the amount of times you put food out, or scheduling in one long walk instead of two. Either way, make sure you can be someone who is reliable for your dog.

Another main cause to dog anxiety is boredom and a lack of attention. Boredom could stem from an insufficient amount of visual or auditory stimulation, and this is something you need to actively alter. Part of having a dog is providing for them, but part of enjoying having a dog is the companionship. If you know they’re home alone for a large part of the day, it might be beneficial to hire a dog walker to break up their daily routine.

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