Which Speakers Are Best In Order To Add Music In Big Spaces?

Adding music in multiple rooms or large outdoor areas can be a challenge. I will give some pointers and also take a look at wireless speakers as an option to help simplify the installation.

Adding sound to your store, company or outdoor area can be a smart choice for improving your business. Studies have shown that music can improve morale at work, improve sales in a retail environment and also add fun to outdoor environments http://itsnews.co.uk/. When adding music in larger areas, you’ll face several challenges such as distribution of the music signal, ensuring reliable operation in different weather conditions as well as achieving proper sound level in all areas.

If you plan on adding music outdoors, one of the challenges is ensuring that your speakers as well as your amplifiers can withstand rain and exposure to the sun. Thus picking speakers which are weatherproof is a must. The same goes for the equipment which distributes the audio. When you pick the amplifiers for your speakers, you have a choice of using a central amplifier which connects to all of your speakers or distributed amplifiers.

Using distributed small-form-factor amplifiers offers the advantage of not having to run thick speaker cable to all of your speakers. This also eliminates issues with hum feeding into your speaker cable. Also, it is easier to adjust the volume of each individual speaker according to the requirements of each location.

Wireless speakers are an interesting alternative because they replace the wiring of each speaker with a wireless link. Each wireless speaker has the amplifier already built in thus no separate amplifiers are required. Typically the transmitter base can send its signal to several speakers. It is usually paired with the speakers either by having a pairing mechanism such as a button or a channel switch. By using more than one transmitter you can set up different audio zones with ease. Just feed each transmitter with the music source of one zone and pair the speakers of each zone with the corresponding transmitter.

For maximum reliability, pick a wireless speaker which uses a digital signal to transmit the music. Digital transmission offers better reliability as well as audio fidelity than analog transmitters. Be sure you pick speakers that have a sufficiently large operating range so that you can cover your entire area. Please note that walls and obstacles will weaken the wireless signal. Also, there will very likely be interference from other wireless gadgets such as cordless phones or wireless networks. Modern speakers will be able to cope with such interference by employing sophisticated algorithms such as error correction. This will ensure error-free reception.

Also, be sure that the amplifier which is built into the wireless speaker is powerful enough to offer sufficient loudness for your environment. If you set up wireless speakers outdoors, pick a speaker with a more powerful amplifier to cope with background noise. Also, be sure the speaker is weatherproof. Depending on your application, you may also investigate whether the wireless protocol employs any sort of audio compression. Audio is employed with a number of wireless protocols such as Bluetooth and reduces the amount of data to be transferred. Audio compression will degrade the audio fidelity to some extent however. Also, if your speakers work with video then be sure that the latency of the transmission is low enough to maintain sync of the audio with the video.

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