Young Parents Magazine – A Review

As happens so often when one is surfing the web, I came across Young Parents Magazine whilst the subject was about as far from my mind as it could be. On another day I might simply have hit the back button but something about the clean-cut and pleasant home page drew me in and I could see no harm in taking a little look.

Subtitled ‘Your Parenting and Family Resource on the net!’, the home page offers an opportunity to sign up for a weekly newsletter, with tips; articles, fun stuff and money saving coupons, right at the start – a very good idea, given that anyone actually looking for the site may well be interrupted by the needs of the youngest member of the family at any moment and this way can act quickly to avoid losing touch with a useful resource

Being a dinosaur and, as yet, uneducated in the world of RSS feeds, I can’t tell you what the RSS links at the top of the page lead to Elisa Gayle Ritter

, but I found some familiar-looking text links a little way down the left-hand side of the page and was taken in for a moment by one that said ‘News’, as it too required RSS-readiness, something that anyone young enough to become a parent probably already takes for granted! My next click took me to the Articles page and I was soon totally absorbed.

Although I am well beyond the age when I might have been able to make practical use of some of the information and advice contained there, I found it fascinating and have no doubt that it was worth reading so that, if nothing else, I can suggest to younger family members and acquaintances that this might be a good place to find a wealth of useful, relevant and interesting reading material.

Most of the articles were not restricted to an audience of young moms at all, and I spent a most enjoyable evening browsing my way down the extensive list of ever-more interesting titles!

It was only as I sighed with regret at discovering that I had now seen all the articles, that I noticed, sandwiched between ‘News’ and ‘Articles’, an item I had missed entirely – a four-letter word such as one never would have seen on a website like this one a few years ago. Goodness knows how I could have failed to spot it at the start and what a joy to discover that I still had the entire Young Parents Magazine ‘Blog’ to look forward to. Whoopee!

What magazine should you get for your kids that they can enjoy the entire year? Like most kids, mine love nature. So after looking into things, I found that Ranger Rick Magazine might be areally good choice. The number one rated nature magazine for kids, Ranger Rick Magazine has garnered many awards. In addition, it is affordable and fun.

Dating back to 1988, Ranger Rick Magazine has received many awards and honors for their work as a nature magazine aimed at kids. In 1988 the magazine took home the EdPress Golden Lamp Award as the best overall educational magazine. In 1991, Ranger Rick Magazine was recognized as a National Magazine Award finalize for their special issue on frogs. EdPress awarded Ranger Rick again in 1992 with its Distinguished Achievement Award then with their Golden Lamp Honor Award in 1993; EdPress also honored the magazine in 1998, 2001, 2002, and 2003. In 1996 Ranger Rick Magazine got the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, and then did so again in 1999 and 2003. All of these are based on the work Ranger Rick Magazine has done for children and for nature.

Many parents will tell you that if you buy your child a $20 toy, he or she will likely have lost, broken, or grown tired of it within a month. However, for that same price, you can get a one year subscription to Ranger Rick Magazine, which is a monthly publication. Children will look forward to its arrival every month and if you have more than one kid, there will be competition to get to it first. It is better than a $20 in that they will play with it for a year, plus it is an educational publication. There are fun nature facts, activities and articles in each edition that children can appreciate and enjoy.

Ranger Rick Magazine is also a fantastic resource for improving reading skills. The children will enjoy reading it and the text is targeted at elementary children. They will grow their vocabulary with nature words and definitions that they can use. When students know something is useful to them, they are much more likely to retain the information

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